Causes and Solution of Infertility

Infertility Treatment in HSR Layout | Dr. Sunita Pawar. In this blog, let us know about what are the causes and solution of infertility. Infertility is the latest problem faced by married couples. The case of infertility has risen in India which could be said particularly surprising as India is the second most populated country in India, with China holding the first. There could be many reasons for infertility, and couple who are longing for baby must be treated despite the soaring population.

There are many Gynaecologist in Sarjapur, who have successfully treated cases of infertility. Dr. Sunita Pawar is highly recommended and one of the best Gynaecologist in Bangalore who has great success in cases of infertility and has helped many such couples acquire a happy face and sweet joy of conceiving a baby.

Causes of infertility

There can be some physical, lifestyle or psychological causes for infertility. There can be problem with either one partner or both. With a series of medical test, the cause for fertility is ascertained and based on that the treatment gets started.

  • Lifestyle– sedentary lifestyle, with no physical activity, smoking, alcohol, overweight, underweight,age, can be fewlifestyle reasons for not conceiving.
  • Psychological- with lifestyle changes and manging the dual responsible of home and job can often be stressful for both men and women leading to infertility.
  • Physical or medical condition–
  • Ovulation disorders- polycystic ovary syndrome is an ovulation disorder that occurs due to hormonal disorders. Thyroid deficiency (hypothyroidism) or hyper secretion-(hyperthyroidism) and Hyperprolactinemia- a condition where secretion of too much hormone- prolactin, that interferes with the ovulation process.
  • Uterine or cervical abnormalities– the problem may include abnormalities regarding the shape of uterus or in the cervix and polyps in the uterus. There could be tumour, fibroids in the uterine wall causing blockage in fallopian tube.
  • Infection– there are many inflammatory diseases and infection that can interfere with the process of ovulation.


Diagnosis and Infertility Treatment in HSR Layout

The treatment is based on the diagnosis of the patient. If there is a lifestyle and psychological problem it is dealt with few medicines, change in lifestyles and few sessions with doctor. But if the medical conditions are involved the couple may face a series of tests and treatment could be a long procedure, with many sessions. First round may include the primary test, after the result, may proceed to secondary test and then the treatment follows.

Artificial or Assisted reproductive technology has been in use for many years and has given hope to many couples who were not able to conceive after all the treatment done for various infertility conditions. This is last option a Doctor applies when the symptoms show no condition of natural fertility.

The In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the most common Assisted Reproductive technology used to overcome infertility. In this treatment fertilization is done in the lab and the embryo is then implanted in the uterus.

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most common ART technique. IVF involves stimulating and retrieving multiple mature eggs from a woman, fertilizing them with a man’s sperm in a dish in a lab, and implanting the embryos in the uterus three to five days after fertilization. This condition is used when both partners are unable to conceive in the normal manner.
  • Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) – In this case fertilization takes place in the uterus itself with healthy number of sperms injected directly in the uterus. This process is used to create a condition to increase the chance of fertilization.
  • Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) – In this case the egg is recouped from the women’s uterus and is fertilized by the healthy selected sperm under laboratory conditions and is relocated back to the women’s uterus.

Infertility could be very stressful for the couples. A good and caring Doctor is quite helpful, who not only identifies the right diagnosis and treatment but also calms the couples. Dr. Sunita Pawar is a very renown and experienced doctor in this field and has given joy of parenthood to many couples with her treatment.

Dr. Sunita Pawar is specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility treatment and has effectively worked with couples to conceive through medication, surgery, IVF or any related method. She is a leader in advanced infertility treatments and is regularly evaluating the latest technology in fertility treatments to provide the best, whilst curtailing obstruction/hindrance and irrelevant tests/diagnosis.

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