Why is Breastfeeding Better Than Formula Feeding?

Breastfeeding | Best Gynecologists in HSR Layout | Dr. Sunita Pawar

Best Gynecologists in HSR Layout | Dr. Sunita Pawar

The biggest decision new moms go through is to choose between breastfeeding or formula feeding. People around a breastfeeding mother can be uncomfortable, but at the same time some people might criticize you if you pull out a bottle of formula milk for your little one as it is universally thought that nature’s perfect food is breast milk. Embrace this new mommy guilt, as different people will have different opinions.

One thing that matters is to choose what is best for you and your baby. No advice or any opinions stands good in front of the choice you make. Breastfeeding also comes with a perk of any extra expenses that usually come with formula feeding. It is the most convenient and healthy process for both mother and child.

Health experts have always admitted that breastmilk is the best nutritional supplement for infants. The worth of breastfeeding over formula milk is numerous. The natural colostrum from breast milk is protein-rich that provides the best nutrition to a newborn in addition to the required immunity for healthy growth.

Besides, breastfeeding provides a deep emotional connection between the mother and child that strengthens the mother-child bond. But, breastfeeding may not be possible for all women, and the decision to formula feed becomes inevitable based on their lifestyle, comfort level, or any specific medical condition.

On the other hand, breastfeeding is good for mothers as well. Women who have breastfed have a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and ovarian or breast cancer. You can lose your post-pregnancy weight with ease when you breastfeed. There are also fewer chances of going through postpartum depression when you breastfeed.

Main Benefits of Breast Milk
Benefits of Breastfeeding | Best Gynecologists in HSR Layout | Dr. Sunita Pawar
Benefits of Breastfeeding | Best Gynecologists in HSR Layout | Dr. Sunita Pawar

●      Breastfeeding should be your ultimate choice unless there is a medical condition that keeps you away from it. It is good to understand the benefits of breastfeeding and work on giving it a chance.

●      Breastfed babies have chances of a higher level of IQ which proves it is a gold standard food for newborns.

●      Breastfeeding develops better bonding with the child with a great emotional touch.

●      Babies dependent on breast milk for at least six months or more have lower chances of infections as colostrum contains white blood cells that protect babies against major illness.

●      Breastfed babies have well-developed intelligence and cognitive functions compared to formula-fed babies.

●      Mother’s milk is completely natural and prevents obesity, asthma, and common allergies. 

●      Breast milk contains healthy enzymes that strengthen and support a baby’s digestive and overall immune system.

●      Breast milk also minimizes instances of diarrhea and other external infections like eczema.

●      Breast milk can significantly reduce the chances of SIDS medical condition in the first birth year of the baby.

Reasons to avoid formula feeding

●      Formula milk is artificial and contains a fixed combination of health components that is insufficient for the healthy growth of a child.

●      Formula milk can be difficult to digest for the child resulting in less calorie intake affecting overall development in the initial years.

●      Bottle feeding curtails the skin-to-skin contact that provides the baby with the required warmth and a sense of affection that is crucial for a baby’s emotional bond.

●      Moreover, breast milk is full of nutrients and antibodies that cannot be compensated by commercial milk powders. A happy baby develops into a happy mind and brilliant brain that sadly formula milk-fed babies are refrained from. Consult the best Gynecologists in HSR Layout to understand a healthy diet for breastfeeding mothers that will help keep you healthy and energetic to promote overall health and nutrition for you and your baby. Deciding on how you feed the baby can be a hard decision, but giving breastfeeding the preference will be worth it.


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