Podcast 17: Do Fibroids Cause Infertility and Affect Your Pregnancy?

In this episode of the Gyno World podcast, Dr. Sunita Pawar delves into the relationship between Fibroids, infertility, and their impact on pregnancy. She explores how fibroids can affect fertility and discusses potential complications they might pose during pregnancy. Dr. Pawar provides valuable insights into managing fibroids for individuals planning to conceive or currently pregnant, offering guidance on treatment options and proactive measures to optimize reproductive health.

Listeners gain invaluable insights into the ways fibroids might impact conception and the various complications that can arise during pregnancy due to these benign tumors. Dr. Pawar’s expertise offers a comprehensive understanding of managing fibroids, empowering individuals planning to conceive or currently pregnant with actionable advice on treatment modalities and proactive measures.
By elucidating effective management strategies, Dr. Sunita Pawar provides a roadmap for optimizing reproductive health while dealing with fibroids. Her guidance not only addresses concerns about fertility but also equips individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate a pregnancy smoothly despite the presence of fibroids, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both mother and child

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