Podcast 5: Symptoms Of Third Trimester Pregnancy

Podcast on third trimester pregnancy - Dr. Sunita Pawar

Becoming a mother is not an easy task. As you approach your delivery date you might feel more discomforts within your body. But an imaginary cute face of your upcoming baby offers you ample strengths to bear with these. Hi Everybody, Dr. Sunita Pawar is with you. Welcome back to my informative podcast channel ‘Gyno World.’ Today […]

Podcast 4: Symptoms of Second Trimester Pregnancy

Best Obstetrics Specialist in HSR Layout | Dr. Sunita Pawar Hello everybody for lots of loving messages. After my last session on ‘Pregnancy symptoms in first trimester’, I have received lots of queries about the same for the second trimester. So today I shall make to aware about the common symptom you can expect in […]

Podcast 3: Symptoms of First Trimester Pregnancy

Podcast on first trimester pregnancy

Welcome to my podcast channel ‘Gyno World’, this is Dr. Sunita Pawar the best gynecologist in HSR Layout from birth and beyond Clinic. I have received so many requests from expecting mothers who have just received their positive pregnancy tests and are now worried about the initial pregnancy symptoms. So, In today’s podcast episode, I shall discuss […]

Podcast 2: Most Common Female Fertility Myths

Welcome to my podcast channel ‘Gyno World’, this is Dr. Sunita Pawar. We provides the Best IVF Treatment in HSR Layout from birth and beyond Clinic. Hope you all are doing well. Thanks a lot for all of your lovely comments. I have very glad to know that my podcast channel is helping you a […]

Podcast 1: Introduction

Gynecology Podcast Channel by Dr. Sunita Pawar

Introduction about “Gyno World” Podcast Channel by Dr. Sunita Pawar – Best Gynecologist in HSR Layout. Dr. Sunita Pawar is a well-reputated Gynecologist doctor who comes with 25 years of experience in High-Risk Pregnancy, like Diabetes, Thyroid disorder, High BP in pregnancy, & other teenage Menstrual problems like PCOD, Dysmenorrhoea, Endometriosis, Contraception. For more updates […]